Pine Hill Homestay Đà Lạt nằm trên đỉnh đồi thông bên cạnh dinh vua Bảo Đại 3. Mặt trước view nhìn về thành phố, mặt sau view về rừng thông và núi Voi.

Từ Pine Hill Homestay Đà Lạt ra trung tâm là 1.5km, đi xe máy khoảng 5 phút.

Pine Hill Homestay Đà Lạt giữ cho mọi người một không gian riêng tư, các khu vực của Pine đều được phủ sóng wifi, có cafe, đàn Piano, Guitar trong shop coffee.

Các căn studio của Pine đều là căn riêng biệt, có vườn bao quanh. Trong mỗi căn đều có bếp, restroom bình nóng lạnh, phòng có ban công ngắm cảnh uống trà, tạo không gian riêng tư và thoải mái cho các bạn đưa nhau đi trốn nhé.

Phone / whatsapp / wechat: (+84) 908980360


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Dalat Special Wine - Coffee - Tea - Farm Tour - Dalat Private Tour

Da Lat is a beautiful town lying amid ranges of mountain and pine tree hills. The town was first built by the French in mid of 18 Century.
Blessed with year round temperate climate, Dalat is famous for fresh and crunchy vegies, flowers farms, the land of coffee and tea farms of Vietnam.
This tour will take you inside the green houses and enjoy for yourself the tasty food and drinks from local farms 
[Dalat Wine Tour - Dalat  Private Tour Guide]

Full day Tour
Suggested staring time: 8:30 AM
Tour duration:  7 hours


Tour guide pick up from your hotel to depart for an interesting leisure and tasty tour.

Wake you up in the morning light with a kick from a cup of delicious weasel coffee in Vietnamese style with ice and condense milk while refreshing your lungs and mind with fresh air of the coffee valley.

Visit next to Dalat red wine factory, learn about the history of Dalat through sips of the wine of Vietnam highland. Try out also the special mulberry wine of Dalat.

Drive through beautiful green houses to Cau Dat Tea Farm, stripes of green tea plants on the hills of Dalat produced one of the best tea leaves of Vietnam. Take a visit to the oldest tea factory in Dalat before trying out different tastes of local special tea types.

Enjoy your lunch with delicious lunch with fresh vegetables and grill pork.

In the afternoon, continue to the “farm of giants pumpkins” where you ‘ll get to know how different vegetables are grown in a modern methods before indulging yourself in the charming fragrance visiting a hydrangea farm.

Leaving the flower farm to visit the “Ceramic Temple” where traditional Vietnamese mosaic inlaid art was used to decorate the temple with broken pottery pieces, you’ll be amazed at the skills and creativity of local artists.

Return to your hotel after tour.

[Dalat Wine Tour - Private Tour Guide]


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