Pine Hill Homestay Đà Lạt nằm trên đỉnh đồi thông bên cạnh dinh vua Bảo Đại 3. Mặt trước view nhìn về thành phố, mặt sau view về rừng thông và núi Voi.

Từ Pine Hill Homestay Đà Lạt ra trung tâm là 1.5km, đi xe máy khoảng 5 phút.

Pine Hill Homestay Đà Lạt giữ cho mọi người một không gian riêng tư, các khu vực của Pine đều được phủ sóng wifi, có cafe, đàn Piano, Guitar trong shop coffee.

Các căn studio của Pine đều là căn riêng biệt, có vườn bao quanh. Trong mỗi căn đều có bếp, restroom bình nóng lạnh, phòng có ban công ngắm cảnh uống trà, tạo không gian riêng tư và thoải mái cho các bạn đưa nhau đi trốn nhé.

Phone / whatsapp / wechat: (+84) 908980360


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Dalat private tour guide - Dalat adventure

ITINERARY - 8:30 AM - 3 PM

GET ready to head for an awesome day of adventure. You will learn the basics of knot tying, harness wearing and abseiling techniques to begin conquering the 10km adventure activities hidden deeply in the jungle from challenge to challenge.

    Station 1 - Dry cliff at 18m
    This is the first activity after we mastered the skills of rappelling. Start with a high cliff, quivering is for sure for any first time, testing out your skills with great excitement when launching yourself into the air and landed safely.
    Station 2 – Water sliding

    Running water eroded the rocks into great shape through times, created an ideal venue for us to waterslide down into rapid water. Gently lean over, hands on shoulders, take a deep breath and let’s slide down the stream to plunge deep into water then submerge with surprising satisfaction. You may want to do this again.
  Water pouring down the fall massive power, you begin to back away would be the instinctive reaction, but come on, fight with your mental power. All you need now is a strong heart, a cool head and be alert to face and conquer the human weakness in you.
    Station 4 – Being a Batman
    This is a real challenge for you to take jumps from 7m and 11m cliff into a deep pond. Do not hesitate, be strong, nothing can stop your steps. It would be a major change in your mind when you have accomplished this one move. Remember all the nightmares where you got pushed or slipped then fallen into a deep dark space? After this Batman transformation, you‘ll love to jump cliffs more in your dreams.
    Station 5 – “Washing Machine

Rappel until your back touches the waterfall, take a deep breath to increase hot blood up to your brain, straighten the legs, wide eyes and relax your body. It will spin you around, clean your body and push you out of the falls before hiking up to the highway to return to hotel.

 Dalat private tour guide - Dalat adventure
 Dalat private tour guide - Dalat adventure
Dalat private tour guide - Dalat adventure
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